postheadericon Our 88th annual show opens

A fired clay figure by Melville Brotherston contemplates part of the society's     88th annual exhibition, which went on show to the public at Gracefield Arts     Centre, Dumfries on Saturday, July 25. The show was opened at the preview     the previous evening by Amanda Herries, pictured below with exhibition     organiser Kathleen Woods and chairman Fiona Robertson. More pictures     from the exhibition on the Programme page.


Ms Herries is greatly experienced in the art world and is currently compiling a catalogue of oil paintings in southern Scotland for the Public Catalogue Foundation.

She praised the standard of works on show in the exhibition, comparing them favourably both to some of the paintings she has catalogued and to some in the Royal Academy summer show in London.

She also urged members to join DG Unlimited, a charity supporting the creativity of people in the region.

She was introduced by Fiona Robertson, who thanked Kathleen Woods and all those who had helped put the exhibition together.

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