postheadericon Annual show under way

Preview night at the society's 87th annual show, at Gracefield Arts
Centre, Dumfries. Pictured (left to right): exhibition organiser Kathleen Woods, eminent horticulturist Allen Paterson of Grovehill, Thornhill, who opened the show, chairman Fiona Robertson and the society's new president, Hazel Campbell. The president and Mr Paterson both praised
the standard of exhibits in the show, which runs until August 9th.

More than 200 works were chosen by the selection panel: (left to right:
Jane Blair, Jane B Gibson, Ewan McClure, Bella Green and Alan Hawker


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Mr Hogarth's dutiful respects to Lord ....; finding that he does not mean to have the picture which was drawn for him, is informed again of Mr Hogarth's pressing necessities for the money. If therefore his Lordship does not send for it in three days it will be disposed of with the addition of a tail and some other appendages to Mr Hare, the famous wild beast man.

From a letter from William Hogarth to a dissatisfied sitter (he paid up).