Dumfries and Galloway Fine Arts Society

The arts site for south west Scotland

Honorary officers


Davy Brown

Chairman and Exhibitions Co-ordinator
Kathleen Woods
10 Davie Gill Park, Thornhill, DG3 5AH
01848 331403

Carol Reece,
4 Maxwell Park, Dalbeattie, DG5 4LS
01556 612464

Treasurer and membership secretary
Chris Otty
25 Ardwall Road, Dumfries, DG1 3AQ
01387 252649

Website and magazine editor
Ian Irving
Woodlea, Corsock, DG7 3DN
01644 440276


Council  members


David Rose

Martine Berlemont

Muriel Collins

Alan Hawker

Brian Power

John Fairgrieve

Phil Gibson



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